Lee Lin Personal Webpage
MIT '03 Course VI, XVIII, M.Eng 

I am one of the founders of RentHop.com, an apartment search marketplace (OK Cupid for apartment search).  Currently, the site only has listings for New York City apartments, but we plan to expand to Boston, greater New York, and other cities soon.


A related apartment hunting blog pertaining to the site can be found at:


We also have a sales site at:


I am NOT currently seeking employment.  Please do not send me emails regarding job opportunities at this time.   

Previously I have worked at D.E. Shaw & Co. and I would be very happy to share my positive experiences with any quants or software developers who want to hear more about the culture and job.

My webpage from the grad school days is at:


My contribution to the sum of human knowledge (paper which became my masters thesis):


English Breakfast in Islington